about folk it

Folk It are a lively and exciting five piece ceilidh band. Largely playing traditional Scottish and Irish tunes and songs, the band also has more modern influences. All of the wide selection of dances can be carefully explained if needed, from the classic Dashing White Sergeant to the wild Cumberland Square!

The band met as students at the University of Edinburgh, but now are based in and around the central belt. The lineup consists of two fiddle players, Sarah Richardson and Mary MacGillivray, whistle and flute player Sheena Amos, with accompaniment from Mike Starkey, guitar and cahon, and Ewan Hemingway on keyboards. Backup fiddle is also sometimes provided by Jess Midgley-Smith.

Although the band usually performs for ceilidhs, Folk It are also available for weddings, performance sets, and background music. Why not come along and see for yourself at one of the upcoming gigs.

A Folk It ceilidh in full swing!